Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tiger @ Banneraghatta National Park.

Please SAVE TIGERS as they are not only our National Animals, they are also symbol of best ecological balance in the region and plays vital role in food chain. Tigers Ecology consists of thick and evergreen forests which is the main source of water for rivers in India. Think twice before you kill them directly or indirectly.

Every one talks about saving Tigers, but only a handful of them are doing real conservation. As a common man, you can ask your leaders to grow more tree's and allocate barren lands to forest department or to some one who is ready to develop it as a forest. You can also help save tiger by donating money to conservation groups, by VOLUNTEERING to conservation activities.

Very recently Renown wildlife cinematographer Shekar Dattatri released a document on Tigers called " The Truth About Tigers". This 40 min. Documentary on life of Tigers in India is the best way to learn about Tigers.

If any of you wish to see this movie on Tigers, do contact me. I have a Copy. Strictly this is for Education Purpose only.

This photo of Tiger is from Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore taken in 2009. I did my trip to Bannerghatta on cycle and the experience was too good. Did take a safari inside the national park and this park is one of the best in India. Do visit if you have not visited.

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